Our Technical Committee's opinions on key win trends.

Japan’s Wine Market and Opportunities

By Ken Ohashi MW / 13 Oct, 2022

Japan is a small wine producing country in the world wine map. Meanwhile, annual per capita wine consumption in Japan continues to be relatively low with no more than 3.3 litres (equivalent to 4.4 standard 750 ml bottles). ...

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Is score inflation equal to quality inflation?

By Andreas Larsson / 18 Sep, 2022

I remember the days when I was a young chap in the business. Like many of us, I was deeply impressed by the enthusiasm, the eloquence, and the sheer passion of Robert Parker. The wine enthusiast who turned professional and became the world’s most important wine critic ever. Not the least did he give life to the 100-point scale that has been intriguing wine lovers ever since...

Are scores here to stay? Indeed, they are!

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Where There Is Fire, There Is Smoke

By Doug Frost / 17 Sep, 2022

“Chinese hoax!”, a now disgraced American ex-president insisted when confronted with the question of climate change. Small solace that his post-presidential palace may soon be underwater like much of the state of Florida, one of the more predictable impacts of climate change. Yet answers will be required of the wine industry confronted by the specter of soaring temperatures, ...

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Climate Change

By Oz Clarke / 14 Sep, 2022

Who do you ask to find out if Climate Change is happening? You could ask the millions of people in Pakistan who have lost their homes as floods of truly terrifying power have simply torn away any buildings which stood in their way. You could ask the cork tree farmers in Southern Portugal where there has been barely any rain since February, and the cork oaks are so stressed and water-starved that, for the first time in living memory, they can't harvest any cork this year. ...

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Premium Chilean Wine

By Ken Ohashi MW / 12 Sep, 2022

On the world wine map, Chile can no longer be overlooked as a producer of premium wines. As per U.S. customs data, Chilean wine shipped to United States which’s the world's biggest wine consumer increased by 1% in volume which remained almost flat, while increased by 8% in value in a comparison of 2021 versus 2020. ...

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Classifications in Bordeaux

By Oz Clarke / 31 Aug, 2022

I'm in the mood for some really top red. I thought I might go and buy myself a nice bottle of Classed Growth Bordeaux. Or should I say Classified Growth? What's the difference? Anyway, the best bottles will be Classed or Classified. Won't they? Well, they might. But some wines might not want to be classified. And these might just be the best of the lot. ...

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